The end of the world as we know it?

I am leaving in less than 18 hours to go shoot a wedding in Ohio. Alone.

Levi and Solomon are staying in Denver, having a Father Son weekend of sorts.  I think Levi is planning a lot of running around and a lot of food that mama normally vetoes.

This is the first time I will spend a night away from Solomon.  The first time since he was born that I will spend a night away from Levi.  I can stay up late, sleep in late, and not worry about where Sol is and what he is getting into (because you know if he is out of sight he is making a big mess of something)!

To be honest, I am sort of excited about the break.  Is that bad?  While I am beyond thankful to be able to bring Sol to work with me and to be able to count on one hand the number of times we’ve left him with anyone but the two of us… it gets… draining.  Being a parent is hard work.  And I am looking forward to just relaxing and helping two dear friends celebrate their marriage!  I want to worry about f-stops and lighting and how in the world I am going to convince the bride and groom to get in a rowboat on the lake in their wedding clothes and not worry about nap times and gentle touch reminders and diaper changes.

my little senior portrait

There is also this kind of lingering sadness about the whole thing.  I get the same feeling thinking about leaving Sol for 3 days as I do when I think back on the ‘glory day’s of high school and college.  And this is because I have never gone 24 hours without breastfeeding Solomon.  And he really really really loves his nursies.  We are only nursing once or twice a day right now, but I think this might be the end of our breastfeeding relationship.  Which is kind of sad.  The kid is almost 22 months old.  He’s nursed a long time, and frankly, I kind of need him to stop so I can produce a brother or sister for him.  But I still got a little weepy this morning at 5:30 when he woke up and did the sign for nurse.  He always gets all giggly and claps his hands when it is nursing time… and I just want him to never grow up.


Inspiration Workshop: Kitchens!

I’m linking up with Maggie over at Gussy Sews for some Inspiration Workshop goodness. The theme this week is KITCHENS!  I love kitchens, and I especially love daydreaming about surfing Pinterest for hours looking at drooling over kitchens that are not mine.

Our little brick bungalow in the city is in some serious need of a modern twist and so I have been thinking about taking the plunge and putting in some concrete countertops in our little kitchen.

Our color palette right now is looking like robin’s egg/electric blue, gray concrete counters, white cabinets, wood floors, and then a punch of yellow or maybe red to spice things up.  We are thinking of embedding little steel trivets into the counter to hold hot things without discoloring the sealer.

And I think it would be super awesome to do a built in drainboard, but I don’t know if I’m willing to sacrifice the precious counter space!

What do you think?  Do you think concrete counters are a little too industrial?  I am hoping we can soften them up a lot with our hardware and styling.  I cook and bake A LOT so it is really important to me to have a really functional workspace that doesn’t get it the way when inspiration (or necessity) strikes!

It’s Friday I’m In Love… With Conferences!

Traveling to Ohio has me planning out all our travels for next year.  I am hoping to go to at least two blogging/handmade conferences in 2012.  These are my top contenders right now.

Creative Estates




Which conference would you go to if you could only choose one?  Ever been to a conference for handmade/blogging before?  I will be a big ole newbie!  Hope to see you!

Break In

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We live in the hood.

And by that I mean our neighborhood isn’t the best place to

It’s just an up and coming area, so

It’s decent, I guess.  I just don’t

Yeah, we live in the hood.

It has gotten a lot better since we moved here four years ago.  But on Mother’s Day night our garage was broken into and some stuff was stolen.  It should tell you something about our ‘hood that my first thought was not panic or outrage or fear.  When I looked out the window at 2AM and saw that our garage door had been kicked in my first that was “Seriously?!?! It’s Mother’s Day! They couldn’t wait until tomorrow!??”  Then after I got off the phone with 911 I thought “Well, I guess I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before now.”

I’m not losing it, promise. I was just so anti-climatic because I know how things go here in the hood and a lot of our neighbors have had the same thing happen to them.  The next morning we found out that two other houses on our block had been busted into as well.  This happens every summer.  Some punks break into a bunch of garages one night, steal some bikes and some tools to sell and then hightail it out of there.

Today I did get pretty angry that I couldn’t go on a bike ride with Solomon and Mercedes after work.  Of COURSE they stole the bike with the baby seat!

So now we are putting motion lights on the house, buying new locks for the garage, and are just thankful that it was just some stuff

Do any of you live in *ahem* “up and coming” neighborhoods?

Thanks for all your prayers and kind words through the whole ordeal.  Being robbed is terrible.  It is violating and infuriating and shook me up pretty good.  Here’s to a quiet and uneventful summer in the hood!

Happy Memorial Day

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Remembering and thanking all men and women in the Armed Forces.  May your reunions be just as sweet and joyous as this photo, and may safety follow you around the world.

Market Season

This is our booth setup for farmer’s markets and outdoor craft shows.  We are doing a bunch of local shows this summer and so far loving meeting other handmade businesses and new customers!  What do you think of our setup?  It is pretty simple, but I think that makes us stand out sometimes!